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13th EAG Plenary

17-Dec-2010 16:15:45

Serbian FIU representatives took part in the 13th Euroasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing held in Moscow, Russia, from 13-16 December 2010.

EAG was established on 6 October 2004 at the initiative of the Russian Federation. Initially, EAG comprised six member-states, namely Belarus, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. As of 2005, the Republic of Uzbekistan became a full-fledged member.
As of June 2010, the Republic of Serbia has the observer status in the EAG which allows for an active participation in both the EAG working groups and the EAG Plenary.

In addition to Serbia, numerous other countries and international organisations are observers in the EAG, including the USA, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, as well as the FATF, World Bank, IMF, OSCE, UNODC, etc.
The 13th EAG Plenary saw the approval of India’s application for full membership, thus increasing number of EAG full members to 8. The following countries presented their progress reports in AML/CFT: Russian Federation, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, and Tajikistan.
Topics covered in during the EAG working groups meetings and Plenary also included money laundering risks through the abuse of non-banking financial institutions, as well as money laundering risks based on the abuse of e-money.

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