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Government of the Republic of Serbia, www.srbija.gov.rs

Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, www.parlament.rs

Ministry of Finance, www.mfin.gov.rs

Ministry of Justice, www.mpravde.gov.rs

Ministry of Interior, www.mup.gov.rs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, www.mfa.rs

Ministry of Defense, www.mod.gov.rs

Customs Administration, www.carina.rs,

Tax Administration, www.poreskauprava.gov.rs

Foreign Currency Inspectorate, www.devizni.gov.rs

Security – Information Agency, www.bia.gov.rs

National Bank of Serbia, www.nbs.rs

Business Registers Agency, www.apr.gov.rs

Privatization Agency, www.priv.rs,

Securities Commission, www.sec.gov.rs

Central Securities, Depository and Clearing House, www.crhov.rs

Serbian European Integration Office, www.seio.gov.rs

Supreme Court of Cassation, www.vk.sud.rs

Republic Prosecutor’s Office, www.rjt.gov.rs

Anti-Corruption Agency, http://www.acas.rs

Association of Serbian Bankers, www.ubs-asb.com

Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Protection of Personal Data, www.poverenik.org.rs

Ombudsman, www.ombudsman.rs


2011 Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering