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Regional Money Laundering Typologies

22-Oct-2012 16:22:02

On 25 October in Belgrade, the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering, in cooperation with OSCE, organises, under the EU IPA-funded MOLI-Serbia project implemented by the Council of Europe, a regional Money Laundering Typologies Meeting. The meeting will be attended by representatives of financial-intelligence units of the regional countries: Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Azerbaijan. Representatives of various Serbian authorities too, which are part of the AML/CFT system in Serbia, including the Interior Ministry, Serbian Public Prosecutor’s Office, Military Security Agency, Military Intelligence Agency, Tax Administration, Customs Administration, etc., will also take part in the meeting. The participants will present experiences of their countries about money laundering methods typically used by criminals as well as on resources available to prevent the appearance and development of this form of crime. The meeting has the aim of informing the participants on new ML trends with a view to continuously improving the national AML/CFT systems and international cooperation in the area of detection and prevention of money laundering.

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