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APML signs MOU with FIU Argentina

23-Jan-2013 15:45:24

Egmont Group Plenary in Ostend, Belgium, the representative of the APML signed memorandum of understanding concerning the exchange of financial intelligence, namely with the financial intelligence units of Argentina.

To date, Serbian FIU has signed 37 MOUs.

In the week of 21-24 July 2013, Ostend, Belgium will host the Plenary Session of the Egmont Group, international associations of financial intelligence units (FIUs). The Plenary is an annual encounter of Heads of FIUs, but of other FIU staff as well, and it serves as a forum for admission of new members, signing of MOUs, as well as for discussing relevant regional AML/CFT issues and organizing useful interactive training in areas of common concern. Apart from the FIUs worldwide, the Plenary also includes the participation of relevant international organizations

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