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„Upitnik” talk show on RTS, 22 January 2013

23-Jan-2013 15:49:50

Mr. Aleksandar Vujičić, director of the APML, was a guest of the last night’s talk show “Upitnik” on the Serbian national TV station. The guests were also Mr. Aleksandar Vučić First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Defense and Professor Zoran Stojiljković, the Chairman of the Board of the Anti-corruption Agency of Serbia.

All the guests agreed that Serbia needs to improve and strengthen interagency cooperation in the fight against corruption.

Mr. Vujičić said that the APML had certain information with regard to Darko Šarić’s narco clan since 2005. He said that the APML so far has had successful cooperation with the State Prosecutor and the Ministry of Interior and other state authorities.

Mr. Vučić said that the APML’s capacities should be strengthened in order to increase the number of money laundering convictions.

The show can be seen at the following link:


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