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UN SC Counter terrorism council visit to Serbia, 18. – 21. March 2013

22-Mar-2013 12:10:52

United Nations Security Council Counter Terrorism Council (CTC) was in visit to the Republic of Serbia in the period from 18. until 21. March 2013.

During the visit CTC experts have meat representatives of the state authorities and talked on various topics, such as: fight against terrorism, state authorities’ competence for implementing the laws, international legal assistance.

During the visit the CTC representatives have meat with the APML representatives and talked about financial law and practice. The APML is oblige by the AML/CFT Law to implement measures on fight against money laundering and also measures on fight against terrorist financing. During the meeting with the APML staff representatives various topics were discussed about such as: Non-profit organizations, confiscating, freezing and seezing of the assets in the aim to prevent terrorism financing, wire transfer and money transfer.

The aim of the visit is assessment of the implementation of the UN SC resolutions regarding terrorists and terrorist financing. CTC will assess Serbia’s implementation of the provisions of the SC Resolution 1373 and make recommendations in order to fully implement Resolution. The CTC will also explore Serbia’s capacity to provide assistance to other State Members in areas regarding to Resolution 1373.

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